Apr 30, 2020

Returning from COVID-19: Navigating and Responding to Issues as Schools Go Back to the "New Normal"

For many weeks now, school districts have been dealing with the rapid shutdown of operations and pivoting to distance learning models.  Expert predictions are that we will continue to be dealing with COVID-19-related issues for a year -- or more.  Now is the time for school boards and school leaders to begin focusing on what lies ahead.  What are the issues that your school district needs to be thinking about and what are the obstacles you will need to overcome in order to reopen school in an efficient and, most importantly, effective manner?

Katherine A. Gilfillan, Paul H. Green and Joseph L. Roselle, partners in Schenck Price Smith & King’s School Law practice presented a webinar to help school administrators and boards understand and navigate these unfamiliar waters. 

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