October 25, 2023Schenck Price Associates Lead Interactive Discussion with the 2023 FDU Pre-Law and Legal Studies Externs
September 13, 2023Schenck Price Hosts 2023 Fall Semester Kickoff Lunch for FDU Pre-Law and Legal Studies Externship
May 16, 2023Schenck Price Receives Pre-Law Community Champion Recognition from FDU Pre-Law Program
April 28, 20232023 Schenck Price Scholarship
December 15, 2022End-Of-Semester Lunch with FDU Pre-Law and Legal Studies Externs
November 21, 2022Thomas Gamarello Leads Bluebook Training for FDU Pre-Law Program
November 18, 2022Litvak and Parker Judge Mock Trial for FDU and SHU Teams
November 14, 2022Carly Clinton Holds Interactive Discussion with FDU