Jun 29, 2022

Schenck Price Partner Assists Birth Haven Inc. with a Prestigious $100,000 Grant from a New Jersey Group

Birth Haven, a shelter for homeless, pregnant women and their babies located in Newton, NJ has won a $100,000 grant awarded by Impact 100 Garden State, an all-women volunteer organization that pools members’ donations to give transformational grants to worthy causes. Schenck Price’s John E. Ursin. serves as Co-Chair of the Birth Haven board and was deeply involved in the application process.

The Impact 100 grant will be used to cover the full cost of the first three months of rent for each Birth Haven “graduate.” The program will include weekly, in-home visits from a licensed clinical social worker for one year.  Says John Ursin, “I was very impressed with the organizational and administrative processes of the Impact 100 group. The members of this organization were clearly very knowledgeable and sophisticated regarding non-profit and social services organizations. Although the process was intense, it was a pleasure and an honor to meet the volunteers from Impact 100 and see their commitment and passion for Philanthropy. We were seriously honored to make it to the later stages of the Awards. To win is simply wonderful as it is the highest possible compliment to our program, our staff and our board.”

Birth Haven is a privately run, non-profit organization providing shelter, support and education for their residents. Birth Haven’s program requires that its residents get their driver’s licenses, attend school (high school, GED, or community college), obtain full-time employment with the help of established community partners, and participate in life skills classes on subjects including parenting, cooking and financial responsibility. Birth Haven has served the homeless pregnant population form more than 35 years. The resident typically stay in the home for six months or less. Through continued outreach and analysis, Birth Haven identified a need for post-Birth Haven support for women and their babies leaving Birth Haven and living independently. It was determined that extending the timeframe of services to their graduates would likely make a material difference for the mothers to become self-sufficient and improve their of long-term success. 

Schenck Price, through its attorneys, has a long tradition in its 110+ years of existence of participating in and leading non-profit organizations benefitting the community.