• Nadine Yavru-Sakuk has over 18 years’ experience serving as a trusted advisor to her clients as both a corporate attorney and a litigator. This dual expertise enables Nadine to provide added value, insight, and guidance to her various clients.

    For the past eight years, Nadine has served as outside general counsel to businesses in matters involving contracts, including distributor and licensing agreements, Software as a Service (SaaS) and vendor agreements; corporate governance; privacy issues; employment; intellectual property; commercial real estate leases and sales; and merger and acquisition transactions including asset purchase deals, confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, and restrictive covenants, among other issues.

    Earlier in her career, Nadine exclusively handled litigation matters including commercial, breach of contract, guardianship, landlord/tenant and other disputes; insurance defense; and general business foreclosure and bankruptcy claims.  In this role, she managed and litigated complex commercial matters representing clients in New York and New Jersey state and federal courts leading to trial.  She handled all aspects of litigation, including client management, development of case strategy, all court appearances, motion practice, depositions, witness questioning and inquests, and negotiated settlements.

    Additionally, Nadine has experience working as an attorney for the Institute of International Commercial Law where she supported the development of a database for the United Nations Convention for Contracts on International Sales of Goods (CISG).

    Prior to attending law school, Nadine worked at a major investment bank in New York.

    Nadine is fluent in Armenian and proficient in French.

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