Aug 23, 2021

"Mike and Marc Talk School Law"

Marc Zitomer, Chair of Schenck Price's School Law Practice Group, is collaborating with Ewing Schools Superintendent Michael Nitti on a professional development endeavor focusing on educational legal issues.The initiative, entitled "Mike and Marc Talk School Law," is a free video/podcast that discusses and evaluates significant issues and developments in school law.  To view the videos/podcasts, click here.

"Our main goal in this project is to provide educators a concise overview of an emerging or important legal topic that impacts our schools, and hopefully gives them a blueprint on how to handle related issues professionally, appropriately and effectively," Nitti stated.  "We believe that it is always important to give back to the educational community."

Zitomer, who has been practicing education law for over two decades, has been the Ewing School Board Attorney since 2011.  He comments: "School law is a constantly evolving area of law, so it is essential that educators understand key issues in order to prevent mistakes that could have negative consequences.  We certainly hope that this is a beneficial and meaningful experience for any educator who decides to watch or listen."

Each video/podcast will be available on Spotify, the Ewing School's YouTube channel as well as Apple Podcasts. Each podcast typically runs 15-20 minutes.

Topics presented have been:

  • Off-Campus Student Conduct: Mahanoy Area School District v. B.L.
  • Legalization of Marijuana and the Schools
  • Gender Identity and School Law
  • Student Searches in a Digital Era
  • Legal Issues Surrounding Public Meetings

Zitomer and Nitti intend to release future episodes when important school law issues develop or a significant case is decided.  If you have questions about "Mike and Marc Talk School Law," contact Marc Zitomer.