Mar 27, 2020

Making or Updating a Will in the Time of COVID-19

The New York Times published an article, "Making a Will (or Updating One) Just Became More Complex," about new difficulties people are encountering regarding their wills in this time of social distancing. The Times quoted Schenck Price's Wynne Whitman, who "found a creative way to deal with social distancing."

Said the Times:  "A friend told her that two emergency room nurses, who were single mothers and handling coronavirus cases, had posted a Facebook notice:  They had downloaded estate planning documents from an online service and could not find a notary to authenticate their signatures. All lawyers in New Jersey can act as notaries, and on Saturday, Ms. Whitman met the nurses, who had set up a table in the front yard of one of their houses. A rock kept the papers from blowing away. Everyone wore gloves. 'It was B.Y.O.P. -- bring your own pen,' she said.  Each nurse acted as the witness for the other, and another friend witnessed both. After one person signed, she stepped away while another moved to the table, Ms. Whitman said."

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