December 14, 2022

Joanne L. Butler to Speak at the 2022 School Law Forum

Schenck Price Partner Joanne L. Butler will present at the 2022 School Law Forum, organized by the New Jersey School Boards Association and the Associate Membership Program for School Attorneys, on December 14, 2022. Joanne will join other school board attorneys in sharing recent court decisions, administrative rulings, statutes and codes affecting education. Joanne will be co-presenting on the topic of Truancy and School Refusal.

The event agenda includes:
1. School Law Case Law and Legislative Review
2. Special Education Issues in the Post-COVID Era
3. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging
4. Student Records Update
5. Truancy and School Refusal
6. Establishment Clause and Schools – Then and Now
7. Legal Ethics – A year in Review

For more information about this event and to register, visit the event page.