Nov 18, 2022

Erica Litvak and Matthew Parker Judge Mock Trial for FDU and SHU Teams

As part of Schenck Price's ongoing externship program with Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU), Associates Matthew R. Parker and Erica G. Litvak judged a mock trial scrimmage between FDU and Seton Hall University. Ruling on the merits of the participants’ objections and helping guide the trial process, Parker and Litvak provided insight into the legal process while explaining the merits of the participants' attempted legal maneuverings. After the scrimmage, Parker and Litvak discussed litigation in further detail with the FDU students and answered various questions about life as a lawyer. Ultimately, the experience helped further strengthen the ties between FDU and Schenck Price and allowed the FDU students to showcase their legal mettle against actual competition. Thank you to the Seton Hall team for their equally impressive performance.