February 6, 2024

Eric A. Inglis and Matthew R. Parker Successfully Defend Client; Win $400,000 Jury Verdict

Eric A. Inglis, Partner and Co-Chair of the Litigation Department, and Matthew R. Parker, Associate, recently won a nearly $400,000 jury verdict for their client in the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey. A New Jersey international shipping corporation brought an unjust enrichment counterclaim against a large, Dubai-based vehicle importer based on that company’s failure to fully pay for a variety of services. Schenck Price’s client, a defendant/counterclaimant, was facing a breach of contract, bailment, and conversion claim for more than $2 million. At the start of trial, Inglis successfully argued for the exclusion of evidence that led to the dismissal of over $1 million of plaintiff’s damage claim. Following a week of testimony and two days of jury deliberations, the jury awarded Schenck Price’s client approximately 90% of its claimed damages. Schenck Price and its client were gratified to have taken a situation in which the client started the litigation facing a significant risk of liability and ended it with a verdict awarding the client hundreds of thousands of dollars.