As part of its long tradition of service to its clients and all the communities that it serves, Schenck Price, like any successful organization, constantly undertakes efforts to evaluate and, on occasion, re-invent itself. The Firm has long prided itself on its diversity, and its collegial and professional atmosphere. It looks for new lawyers to enhance and improve the pursuit of its core values.

  • Schenck Price recruits new and lateral attorneys from the top ranks of their law school classes and from judicial clerkships.  We seek individuals from a variety of backgrounds and with diverse talents, and look for high academic and non-academic achievement, initiative and compatibility. We look to recruit people who share the Firm's values and, over the course of their careers, will work to enhance those values and our commitment to excellence and collegiality. We particularly look for lawyers who are actively involved in the communities in which they work and live.

    Interested applicants are encouraged to submit a resume, law school transcript and two to three writing samples to review.  Submissions should be sent to Ryder Ulon. Reference information is usually sought later in the recruiting process.

    With increasing frequency, we actively consider hiring experienced younger lawyers in an effort to develop depth in our practice groups. In fact, lateral attorneys have in many ways propelled the growth of the law firm and have added to its distinctiveness.

    A candidate who is invited to our offices generally will meet and interview with three or four lawyers. The visit will include a tour of our offices and a recounting of the history of the Firm.

    While we try to respond to candidates as quickly as possible, we also want to carefully consider all the candidates' individual qualities — both tangible and intangible — in making our hiring decisions.

    Candidates who receive offers of employment are provided ample opportunities to obtain additional information about the firm or to revisit our offices to help them make informed decisions. We hope every candidate takes the time to evaluate and consider us with the same degree of thought and consideration that we give to evaluating them.

    Schenck, Price, Smith & King is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to recruiting a diverse group of lawyers.  Moreover, we believe it is important that our lawyers and staff reflect the multicultural diversity of the world in which we practice. For more information, please review our Diversity & Inclusion and Women's Initiative pages.