Sep 21, 2020

Bowens Recognized for his Role as a Mentor

John Bowens has received a New Jersey Law Journal Mentors honor.  

The below information was provided by Bowens and edited lightly for style.

"After my clerkship I was appointed to be an Assistant U.S. Attorney. As you can imagine, becoming a federal prosecutor overnight can be somewhat daunting. From the outset, senior members of the office guided me on every aspect of my duties. When I try a case now, I still remember words of wisdom they shared with me.

If you look at the law as a vocation, rather than a job, then sharing your experiences and views is doubly rewarding. I view the opportunity to  interact with young inquisitive minds as intellectually stimulating rather than an imposition on my time.

I now conduct mock trial seminars with our younger associates, and I get as much out of it as they do, perhaps more. I believe these sessions are important because the young lawyers of today do not have the litigation opportunities that I had. Litigation tactics and strategies that we take for granted are unknown to new lawyers, some of whom have never seen a trial, let alone conduct one."


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