Schenck Price Alumni Event

Oct 10, 2018

Schenck Price hosted an alumni gathering at its Florham Park offices on October 10, 2018, where friends old and new reconnected and reminisced.  It was a lovely evening filled with smiles and laughter, where guests mused over old photographs and memorabilia, sharing war stories from years past.  Alumni who wish to reconnect should reach out to Michael K. Mullen at

group photo of the alumni event
Front Row: Michael K. Mullen, Nancy Bangiola, Judy Raines, Sheilah O’Halloran, Joseph Krakora
Back Row: Gregory Coffey, James Garland, Gilbert S. Leeds, Anthony DellePelle, Edward Bassetti, John Elias


two attorneys stand in the lobby
Schenck Price's Managing Partner Gary F. Werner (left) with former Justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court, Stewart G. Pollock


group photo
Anita Siegel, Willard Bergman, Eric A. Inglis, Crystal West Edwards


four women at the party
Meredith L. Grocott, Robin S. Ballard, Mariann Crincoli, Mary Warner



three attorneys at Alumni party
Galen Medley, Crystal West Edwards, Cliff Dawkins


newly renovated ahart library
Ahart Library


Schenck Price's Managing Partner Gary F. Werner, Maria Cestone, and Ryder T. Ulon


ahart library
Ahart Library


Mrs. Mimi Starrett, Edward W. Ahart, Photo: Clifford W. Starrett