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Appellate Practice
Commercial Litigation
Construction Law
  • Changes to the Affidavit of Merit Statute: How a Recent Appellate Division Decision Creates New Requirements for Claims Against Design Professionals, Joseph R. Haftek Jr., Apr 28, 2015   Learn More >
  • Appellate Division in a Construction Dispute Dismisses Breach of Contract Action Seeking Lost Profits and in Doing so Highlights the Need to Meticulously Prepare a Damages Calculation and Proffer Expert Testimony, Ryder T. Ulon, Gary F. Werner, Mar 14, 2012   Learn More >
Corporate and Business Law
Elder and Special Needs Law
Estate and Trust Litigation
Estate, Gift & Charitable Planning
Government Law
Health Care Law
  • The Substance Use Disorders Law, P. L. 2017, c. 28, Imposes New Requirements and Limitations on Prescribing of Controlled Dangerous Substances, and Special Requirements for the Management of Acute and Chronic Pain, Brian M. Foley, Meghan V. Hoppe, Apr 11, 2017   Learn More >
  • The Substance Use Disorders Law, P. L. 2017, c. 28, Imposes New Requirements on Certain Health Insurance Plans, Related to the Coverage for Treatment of Substance Use Disorders, Brian M. Foley, Meghan V. Hoppe, Apr 11, 2017   Learn More >
  • A Medical Malpractice Defendant Can Use Plaintiff's Expert Against a Settling Co-Defendant to Prove Negligence and Allocate Fault to the Settling Defendant, Peter A. Marra, May 2, 2016   Learn More >
  • Supreme Court of NJ Declines to Extend Absolute Immunity to Hospital Under the NJ Charitable Immunity Act, Apr 13, 2015   Learn More >
  • New Jersey Supreme Court Declines to Impose a More Stringent Child Abuse Reporting Standard on Physicians, May 19, 2014   Learn More >
  • CMS Says Sequestration Does Not Mandate Reductions in Payments to Contracted Providers Under Medicare Advantage Plans and Prescription Drug Plans, Brian M. Foley, May 22, 2013   Learn More >
  • FDA Proposes Unique Device Identification System for Medical Devices, Jan 3, 2013   Learn More >
Insurance Coverage
Insurance Defense
  • New Jersey Supreme Court Holds That a Willful OSHA Violation is Insufficient to Overcome Workers' Compensation Exclusivity Provision, Valerie A. Vladyka, Jun 29, 2012   Learn More >
Labor and Employment Law
Pharmaceutical Industry and Pharmacy Practice
Professional Liability
Real Estate and Environmental Law
School Law
  • Commissioner Rules That Only Board Of Education as a Whole Or Board President May Send a Rice Notice to the Superintendent, Joseph L. Roselle, Jul 25, 2014   Learn More >
  • Capping Sick Leave at $15,000 For School Employees?, May 10, 2012   Learn More >
  • New Law Allows for School Elections to be Held in November and Automatic Implementation of Under-Cap Budgets, Jan 23, 2012   Learn More >
  • New Jersey Enacts Sweeping Legislation Overhauling Public Sector Benifits, Jul 1, 2011   Learn More >
  • New Law Requires All Board of Education Members to Undergo Criminal Background Checks in Order to Serve on the Board, Jun 1, 2011   Learn More >
  • Appellate Court Holds that Closed Sessions May Not Be Held at Beginning of Meeting, Mar 8, 2011   Learn More >
  • Madison Avenue Meets Main Street: The School Bus Ad Option, Jan 20, 2011   Learn More >
  • New "Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act" Will Have Significant Impact on New Jersey's Public School Districts, Jan 7, 2011   Learn More >
  • New Jersey Legislature Adopts More Stringent Requirements for Employee Tuition Reimbursement and Compensation Upon Completion of College Credits, Oct 15, 2010   Learn More >
Tax Planning
Technology and Social Media