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Appellate Practice
Commercial Litigation
Construction Law
  • Changes to the Affidavit of Merit Statute: How a Recent Appellate Division Decision Creates New Requirements for Claims Against Design Professionals, Joseph R. Haftek Jr., Apr 28, 2015   Learn More >
  • Appellate Division in a Construction Dispute Dismisses Breach of Contract Action Seeking Lost Profits and in Doing so Highlights the Need to Meticulously Prepare a Damages Calculation and Proffer Expert Testimony, Ryder T. Ulon, Gary F. Werner, Mar 14, 2012   Learn More >
Corporate and Business Law
Elder and Special Needs Law
Environmental Law and Real Estate
Estate and Trust Litigation
Estate, Gift & Charitable Planning
Government Law
Health Care Law
  • A Medical Malpractice Defendant Can Use Plaintiff's Expert Against a Settling Co-Defendant to Prove Negligence and Allocate Fault to the Settling Defendant, Peter A. Marra, May 2, 2016   Learn More >
  • Supreme Court of NJ Declines to Extend Absolute Immunity to Hospital Under the NJ Charitable Immunity Act, Apr 13, 2015   Learn More >
  • New Jersey Supreme Court Declines to Impose a More Stringent Child Abuse Reporting Standard on Physicians, May 19, 2014   Learn More >
  • CMS Says Sequestration Does Not Mandate Reductions in Payments to Contracted Providers Under Medicare Advantage Plans and Prescription Drug Plans, Brian M. Foley, May 22, 2013   Learn More >
  • FDA Proposes Unique Device Identification System for Medical Devices, Jan 3, 2013   Learn More >
Insurance Coverage
Insurance Defense
  • New Jersey Supreme Court Holds That a Willful OSHA Violation is Insufficient to Overcome Workers' Compensation Exclusivity Provision, Valerie A. Vladyka, Jun 29, 2012   Learn More >
Labor and Employment Law
Pharmaceutical Industry and Pharmacy Practice
Professional Liability
School Law
  • Commissioner Rules That Only Board Of Education as a Whole Or Board President May Send a Rice Notice to the Superintendent, Joseph L. Roselle, Jul 25, 2014   Learn More >
  • Capping Sick Leave at $15,000 For School Employees?, May 10, 2012   Learn More >
  • New Law Allows for School Elections to be Held in November and Automatic Implementation of Under-Cap Budgets, Jan 23, 2012   Learn More >
  • New Jersey Enacts Sweeping Legislation Overhauling Public Sector Benifits, Jul 1, 2011   Learn More >
  • New Law Requires All Board of Education Members to Undergo Criminal Background Checks in Order to Serve on the Board, Jun 1, 2011   Learn More >
  • Appellate Court Holds that Closed Sessions May Not Be Held at Beginning of Meeting, Mar 8, 2011   Learn More >
  • Madison Avenue Meets Main Street: The School Bus Ad Option, Jan 20, 2011   Learn More >
  • New "Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act" Will Have Significant Impact on New Jersey's Public School Districts, Jan 7, 2011   Learn More >
  • New Jersey Legislature Adopts More Stringent Requirements for Employee Tuition Reimbursement and Compensation Upon Completion of College Credits, Oct 15, 2010   Learn More >
Tax Planning
Technology and Social Media