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The Impact of New Developments in Employment Law on Senior Care Organizations

Sep 25, 2018

Joseph Maddaloni will be addressing a meeting of CEOs, executive directors, COOs, CFOs, human resource professionals and board members of New Jersey senior care organizations on the rapidly changing landscape of employment laws.  Governor Murphy recently signed two pieces of legislation that significantly impact all New Jersey employers: the Diane B. Allen Equal Pay Act (“Equal Pay Act”) and the Earned Sick Leave Act (“Sick Leave Act”). Topics covered will include:

  • The specifics of these new laws;
  • Whether there are any exceptions under these new laws;
  • The impact these new laws will have on all New Jersey employers;
  • How employers can implement policies and practices to comply with these new laws;
  • Whether current sick leave or PTO policies will need to be updated;
  • How to determine whether the workforce pay scale complies with the Equal Pay Act;
  • What differentials in compensation are permissible under the Equal Pay Act;
  • Recordkeeping requirements under the new laws;
  • The pros and cons of arbitration agreements;
  • Interaction between new laws and other federal and state laws.